IThe Madison Chamber of Commerce conducted a ribbon-cutting ceremony at The Foundry Clubhouse on August 29th to celebrate Opus Technologies Inc.’s new location. The event began with John Hamilton, the City Administrator, and Richard Bigoney, of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce, discussing how small technology-type businesses benefit the local community. The owner, Thad Henry, then showed a video describing his business venture, current activities, and plans to support disadvantaged groups. That video is accessible on the main page of this site. Business associates and friends attended the ceremony with light refreshments and a new office tour. .”



OPUS Technologies Certified as a HUBZONE Business

I am pleased to advise you that effective on the date of this letter, OPUS TECHNOLOGIES INC. has been approved for certification as a “certified HUBZone small business concern.” The firm is now eligible for HUBZone opportunities. It will be identified as a certified HUBZone small business concern in SBA’s Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) database .”

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James M. Crawford Technical Standards Board Outstanding Achievement Award

“This award recognizes outstanding service in the technical committee activities of the Society. This includes valuable contributions to the work of SAE technical committees, unusual leadership in the activities of an SAE technical committee, significant contributions as a representative of the Society to the accomplishments of technical committees of other organizations or of government agencies, and outstanding contributions to SAE technical committee work in the form of research, test methods and procedures, and development of standards.”

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Thad Henry Awarded NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal (ESM)

This prestigious NASA medal is awarded to a Government employee for sustained performance that embodies multiple contributions which contribute to NASA projects, programs, or initiatives.

The criteria must include all of the following:

  • Sustained performance has made a significant improvement to NASA deliverables, operations, or image;
  • Employee’s record of achievements sets a benchmark for others to follow;
  • Substantial improvement to a NASA program that yielded high quality results or improvements;
  • Impact and importance of the employee’s services have been instrumental to the past and ongoing success of NASA.